Getting started


TRAFOLO is a specialized simulation software for magnetics that helps R&D teams prototype virtually and eliminate critical design errors before the first physical prototype is built. While there are many FEM packages around, TRAFOLO provides a workflow that requires less training and is more efficient. Models and features that are relevant to the magnetic component design engineers are ordered and grouped which helps to automate the most time-consuming tasks.


Solutions that provide simple answers to complex questions are in high demand.

Time by time, there is a need to make technology refactoring by making it easier to handle without sacrificing crucial functionality. We believe there is still a need for as simple as one can get but powerful enough FEM simulation software to do most magnetic design tasks with adequate accuracy. At least for the next 10-15 years until AI takes over.

It sounds unbelievable, but nowadays, you don’t have to start from machine code or, at most, C language to develop a FEM tool for your use. Those who can afford it buy capable and expensive commercial packages. With time and patience, another can learn to use free tools. Finally, vacant niches are filled with tools that do specific work, are simple to use, and do not cost a kidney.

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